AGM 2 October 2016

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Where: Electric works

When: Saturday 8th October @ Noon

Chair: Ed


Ed, Caolan, Ian. Also by proxy James (given to Ed) and Gary (given to Caolan).



Updates from the last year


Banking, accounts and assets


Semi-Regular events

Co-op Administration

Board resignations: Caolan and Gary

Board Elections

Are we trustworthy enough to not need auditing? [1]

Should we set a time-limit on expense claims to the co-op, and if so how long?

What is the consensus on how we host a service?

Plans for the coming year

Meeting dates

Any Other Business




  • -1 hamish, +1 james
  • TODO check bank statements for standing order payments
  • a couple more members would make things more stable
  • ~15 members = healthy
  • ~30 members = ETOOMUCHMONEY
  • TODO ask Matt Hill about doing a Q&A session with union st members on what services they would like/pay for
  • TODO see if Matt Hill would be interested in joining our board in an advisory role


  • Ed mentioned Loomio for decision-making
  • Added cgit service
  • We now have 2 people putting themselves forwards as future maintainers of all currently running services
  • Some but not all in-progress services have 2 maintainers
  • We've found a way forward without using docker, and will be dropping docker support in the near future. Instead we'll be using plain containers which can be SSH'd into and provisioned directly with config management tools e.g. salt, ansible, puppet, chef - choice to be made by the service maintainers.
  • We no longer host our own DNS server as it was vulnerable to use for traffic amplication - we now use our registrar's DNS (Namecheap)

Semi-regular events

  • Hack days seem to be going well
    • well attended
    • we've been able to move forward on larger architectural decisions
    • Ed: there's a risk that the 'little stuff' get's left to a hack day just because there's dedicated time for working on Dark Peak which ends up with it eating into the hack day
  • Hack days and board meeting will be on the same schedule for the coming year

Banking / accounts

  • The 2014/15 accounts were approved
  • We will now impose a 3 month deadline on filing expenses. All past expenses claims have 3 months from today. One of the major difficulties with financial planning in the co-op has been the unknown expenses
  • We vote to advantage of the audit exemption

Board elections

  • Gary and Caolan resign from the board
  • James, Gary and Caolan stand for election
  • James, Gary and Caolan elected to the board (unanimous on all 3 counts)

Any other business

  • James has offered to review principles document for positive vs. negative wording at some point
  • Mince pies with icing on are amazing