AGM 1 October 2015

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Where: Electric works

When: Tuesday 20th Oct 2015

Chair: ejs

Original document: [1]


  • Inform HMRC that the company is active (allegary)
  • Set reminder for certificate renewal time to see if we can use letsencrypt instead (caolanm)
  • Send out meeting dates to mailing list (icmurray or allegary to make them co-incide with hack-days)


  • mbooth
  • ejs
  • allegary
  • caolan
  • icmurray (via irc)


  • graphiclunarkid

No Apologies:


Updates from the last year


  • During the year membership has grown to 8 members
  • membership income currently £80/month ( £960/year )
  • icmurray promises that he will join joins this week

Banking, accounts and assets

  • Servers, certificates
  • Nothing has left the account at this point but invoices have come in over the last week. No previous year accounts are available as we are still in the current financial year for the company.
  • The board now has access to assets - domain and hosting, SSL will become an asset on renewal.
  • Hosting has been costing £48p/m but shall reduce to £36p/m going forward.
  • Wildcard SSL cert costs $94.00/year
  • Domain name comes in at around £8per anum.
  • Action required to contact HMRC regarding current status.
  • At current membership we would be taking in about £520 on top of the variable costs.
  • We have a company card for making payments now (mastercard)


  • ID, email, IRC bouncer, wiki, calDav and cardDav, git, static site hosting, RSS reader
  • This is correct at time of writing.
  • graphiclunarkid has been volunteered to work on email.
  • Due to the use of etherpad being important for our use, this should be targetted as a priority.
  • see the [Services Roadmap] for fuller roadmap

Semi-Regular events

  • We are about to consulte the date oracle (icmurray) to determine the General Meeting dates
  • General meeting schedule
  • Hack days
    • We've had 3 or so hack days, which were a good way to push services forward - we should have more!
    • See poll
    • From January we will have a hack day meetup on the second saturday of every other month. GMs will coincide.

Co-op Administration

Decide on the maxium number of board members

  • Voted to set upper limit at 9 board members with 5 +1s and 1 +0.

Board resignations (all current board members)

Board Elections

  • mbooth, icmurray, caolan, allegary, ejs - all approved

Are we trustworthy enough to not need auditing? [2]

  • "The members have agreed to the audit exemption statement" - 5 +1s

Membership of co-operatives UK? [3]

  • 6 +1s for membership

Should DarkPeak become a corporate supporter of the Open Rights Group? [4]

  • 1 +1, 2 -1s and rest 0

Plans for the coming year

Meeting dates

  • see notes/action above (no more GMs this year)

Any Other Business