AGM 3 October 2017

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Where: Electric works

When: Saturday 14th October @ Noon

Chair: Caolan


In person: Richard King, Gary Martin, Ed Saxton, Mat Booth, Caolan McMahon, James Zwiers (arriving at the end of the membership agenda point)

Apologies: Ian Murray

Non-member observer: Rob Morris


Updates from the last year


Stable at seven members since march. We're making a small loss and could use at least one more member at the current rate. However, we consider the current rate of £10 as a barrier to new members and have approved drop to £5 for all new members (keeping the existing members at £10 / month) - this offer will last for one year when we will review it at the next AGM, with the aim of signing up enough new members over the next year to drop the price for all members.

This addresses two aims: paying for our costs and also expanding our membership.

We discussed the difference between offering services and the opportunity to learn how to host and manage your own services and free yourself from companies like Google. This is about involvement vs. just buying a service. We'd like to avoid a two-tier membership and would encourage all members to be involved in voting, social events, and/or developing / running or documenting services.

Banking, accounts and assets

We're still using Unity Trust.

We lost a small amount over the last year (~£83) - mostly this lies with our creditors (Gary Martin) and is the reason for us looking to increase membership over the next year.

In terms of costs - this is the last year we'll need to pay for a wildcard SSL certificate (as Let's Encrypt are introducing them). This will save us ~£65 / year.

We'd like to investigate a new credit/debit card offered by Unity Trust as an alternative to our current top-up card.


Current services

  • Git hosting
  • Calendar (caldav)
  • Contacts (carddav)
  • IRC Bouncer (znc)
  • RSS Reader (tinytinyrss)
  • Static web hosting

Current infrastructure

  • Identity service (LDAP)
  • Wiki
  • Darkpeak homepage
  • haproxy

Currently our infrastructure is based on Docker and is causing difficulty for service maintainers. We have an updated Developing Services page, which talks about our plans for future technical solutions to this.

We previously discussed using LXC to offer space for potential service maintainers to develop new services (with some isolation to allow each new maintainer to approach the deployment in their own way) - instead we'd now like to base this process more around mentorship and a core team maintaining a monolithic infrastructure (which does not preclude the use of containers, but changes the focus from independence of services to training more members to get involved).

Semi-Regular events

We'd like to make better use of the Hack Days - Richard suggests using them to schedule specific pairings / mentorship for developing new services.

Mat and Caolan request a reminder service for Hack Days as we often miss them by accident - Gary might set up a temporary ITTT to send reminder emails.

We discussed the possibility of moving General Meetings to an evening so we can combine it with a social event / pub trip. One possibility would be to hold this before an event like gitpub or on Fridays when there are usually no meetups. Hack days probably need to be on weekends to provide a reasonable chunk of time to develop services.

We've decided to hold the general meeting + pub trip on the friday night before each hack day (which occurs on the second saturday of the month). The Friday will serve as a reminder + planning for the hack days.

Co-op Administration

Board resignations: (Mat, Edward)

Board Elections: Mat, Edward and Richard are standing for (re)election and were elected by unanimous vote.

Are we trustworthy enough to not need auditing? [1] - Yes, unanimous

Decide on ownership and licensing of co-op data e.g. the wiki and service repos. - the decision on this has been parked until the next meeting - in the meantime Mat has volunteered to send a proposal to the mailing list.

Plans for the coming year

  • Dropping fees for new members to £5 (to be reviewed at the next AGM)
  • Membership drive (ambition is to have doubled membership (to 14) by next AGM so we can drop membership fees for all members)
  • Making better use of hack days with mentorship
  • Making general meetings double up as social events and scheduled before hack days to help with planning / attendance
  • Talk to Union St. about researching the requirements of potential members interested in co-operatives
  • Prioritising development of email services over the next year

Any Other Business