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A beta service is usable to our members, possibly indirectly. There are no expectations of long term support and maintenance at this level. It is possible the response to the service breaking will be to stop providing it.

This level exists to allow both the maintainers and users explore the service as a functioning entity.


All requirements for Alpha met.

Running usable instance.

Minimum required maintainers:

at least 1 Board Member + 2 other members.
Co-op Service
at least 1 Board Member + 2 other members.
User Service
at least 2 members

No reliance on any Alpha infrastructure

Meets all its infrastructures requirements.

All service and configuration details stored in git with appropriate levels of access

Documentation in the wiki:

  • Service design and decisions
    • What external resources are used e.g. what software you installed
    • Infrastructure or alternatives used and why
    • Major bits of configuration and why
  • How to use the service
  • Data backup, retention and restoration policies
  • if infrastructure what you provide to client services and how to get them