Board Meeting 0

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Date: 22nd October 2014.

Attendance : Caolan, Ed

Absence : none


The Chairman reported that the Company had been incorporated and produced the Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the Articles of Association of the Company.


EDWARD SAXTON and CAOLAN MCMAHON having been appointed as First Directors of the Company pursuant to Section 12 of the Companies Act 2006 accepted office accordingly.

Registered Office

It was noted that the first registered office of the Company is to be 18 MEREDITH ROAD, SHEFFIELD, S6 4QU, UNITED KINGDOM.


It was noted that the following persons had agreed to subscribe to membership of the Company upon incorporation.

Name Member Class
EDWARD SAXTON £1.00 Member

Accounting Reference Date

The first accounting period of the Company will end on 31st October 2015.