Board Meeting 2

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Date: 19th August 2016

Attendance: caolan, gary, ian, ed

Missing: mat booth

Gary and Caolan volunteered to stand down at the AGM

New member signups can go to any board member who will then act as a single point of contact for all co-op activity involved in registration.

Regular board meetings to be held 11:30-12:00 before general meetings.

Currently the co-op is running at a slight loss. We need a couple more members to be sustainable, ≈ 15 to be healthy and ≈ 30 to be happy. Co-op to actively start looking for some once we've got service development progressing.

plan to attempt to downsize our server our bitemark server and see what services require the extra resources

ACTION caolan to downsize server to 1gb RAM, and send email notification beforehand

Creation of an official Task Manager/Pesterer role as a rotating position. If you take this on you don't get any other action items for that meeting.

ACTION icmurray to investigate possibility of using policykit and packgekit for granting fine-grain permissions to non-root users to install packages with apt

icmurry to take over as treasurer from mbooth

ACTION icmurray to ask mbooth for statements for the pre-paid card

ejs to meet with Robert about the possibility of migrating to dark-peak

ACTION caolan to try adding a darkpeak user to id server