General Meeting 0.1 Aug 2014

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When: Wednesday, 13th Aug 2014 - 6:30pm

Where: Electric Works, then later pub (TBD)

Original Doc


  • Ask hosting companies about multiple names on contract (eg 2 signatures out of 3) to avoid limitations of association - jkg caolan
  • Someone go to the bank and find out what we need to open an account - allegary
  • Talk to someone about org structure (setting up a co-op) - do we have to be limited company or can we just be an association? - jkg caolan

next meeting: 27th August (Wednesday)

we have a domain now:

we plan on using ansible (thanks to a coin flip by jkg) + docker for provisioning / containers

Running on Debian


Name and domain - owned by Caolanm

Constitution and legal status

Can we achieve mutual trading status and avoid corporation tax?

we're planning to author a co-operative constitution with which to form an unincorporated association

  • that means we can open a bank account
  • we're all jointly liable/responsible
  • no limited liability
  • but no annual returns
  • we can convert to an incorporated association (limited company)
  • see this FAQ for more info:

How much money do we need to start up?

Define provisioning and documentation

Possible useful references for meeting

Mailing list: