General Meeting 0.2 Aug 2014

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Where: Electric Works (then pub)

When: 18:30, 27th Aug 2014

Original Doc


call with SCDG to discuss next steps for setup of co-operative (caolan) - meeting at SDCG office arranged on September 18th @ 14:30 - notes: call_with_scdg

review principles doc (everyone)

create dockerfile for setting up container with nginx

try setting up vagrant vm using the darkpeak-provisioning repository on gitlab (everyone)

arrange the next meeting


Sheffield Co-Op bank branch doesn't provide information. Gary was directed to Two look relevant Community Direct Plus and Co-operatives Directplus. Both free accounts with similar terms.

Caolan emailed bytemark - director got back saying multiple people isn't a problem, they just want an email for billing - not many details about existing cases though.


limited structure

  • limited company comes with costs incl. a setup fee ~£200
  • there may be people to help?
  • require an accountant - in the region of £400+ depending on the complication of co-op
  • this isn't something we need to do to start putting things up there
  • implies that we have more people than us paying to cover costs (at the moment ~100 each that is just bureaucracy)


  • constitution makes us an association already

caolan has a call with Alan from the Sheffield Coop Development Group tomorrow - hopefully that'll give us more details - let me know if you want me to ask anything

Some Principles about the dignity of owning one's own data

  1. no data without representation
    • everyone should have a say in how any non-trival data about them is used, provided by mandatory shared ownership
    • eg, there should be no 'free' hosting tier that comes without a vote, we could provide full membership to (for example) community groups and waive their fee, but we should not host peoples data without them getting a vote
    • in disagreement, don't rush - give people time to migrate if they want
    • if you leave, reasonable steps should be taken to remove your data (covered by data protection in uk)
  2. security and privacy
    • we should not be telling people that we cannot be spied on - not about having the absolute best crypto/security though we do value it
    • We think mass surveillance is wrong but we cannot claim to defend against it.
    • We think the web should default secure and will implement good security practice wherever we can.
  3. The freedom to host some or all services yourself
    • need to be able to migrate your data - preferably exporting to widely used formats
    • software must be open source, so you can run it yourself
    • mix and match services - shouldn't have to wholesale host everything with us or on your own to reduce hurdle to self-hosting
  4. Freedom to federate/interoperate
    • open standards
    • allow federation where sensible
    • this reinforces #3
    • it also means we can co-operate with other groups, not compete against them (eg, others can take these principles and work with us)
    • play nicely with others

Extracted to principles doc

Skipped building a seed ideas list since we already have ideas in trello, and we've identified the first target (static hosting) in previous meetings

Static hosting requirements

  • a host
  • support for custom domains
  • git push to update
  • ability to host multiple sites
  • https support (using darkpeak certs if on that domain, your own if on your own domain)
  • shared site admin (eg, more than one person can push updates)
  • nice to have:
    • analytics / log analysis - so we don't have to use google

darkpeak-provisioning doc set up and people invited to access


Report progress on action items from previous meeting

  • multiple names on hosting contracts (caolan)
  • talk with co-operative bank (gary)
  • research structure (association/limited company) (caolan)

Author first draft of software guidelines/rules for selection, along the lines of:

  • Debian Free Software Guidelines
  • perhaps also with respect to 'four freedoms' in the Free Software Definition Free Software Definition
  • see also The Open Source Definition
  • This should be part practical advice on software selction rules, part 'mission statement'
  • when people ask what we're doing and why, this is a document we can point them to
  • Consider guidelines/rules for how software is hosted (e.g. must support TLS).

Find a place for and generate initial seed for 'things to host' ideas

Generate requirements for static hosting (previously selected as first target, if it changes in previous step then we can spec that instead)

Get everyone set up with gitlab (until we can self host it we can use caolan's instance)

Get everyone set up with vagrant + ansible (hopefully)

Look at Caolan's icon ideas (lol)

  • Links please :-p - not exported yet - give him a chance