General Meeting 0.4 Nov 2014

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Where: Electric Works (then pub)

When: 4th Nov, 7pm

Chair: Mat Booth

Original Doc:

The purpose of this meeting is to celebrate the formation of the company and get everyone up to date.


  • allegary and mbooth to discuss initial hosting of
  • mbooth - do bank account things first, it is blocking server stuff.
  • caolan - Do hack day to scaffold out first services and Docker
  • caolan - Do research into static site hosting integration with gitlab
  • ian - pick dates for General Meetings
  • caolan - chairing next meeting (hack day)


mbooth, lewis, ed, allegary, hamish, caolan, ian


Mark Nielson, James "despite doodling that I could!" Green [but I should make it to gitpub with money --jkg]



  • Co-op: free, annoying customer service
  • Triodos: lots of fees, better customer service
  • Unity trust: better customer service, ability to give multiple users different levels of access, ability to set up two or three authorisation required to take an action

Questions: data export, multiple users, quality of on-line service

Unity trust - unanimous


ID - See

  • 2 factor ID is an option for users
  • ability to store ssh public keys which could be useful for email (and presumably other things)
  • also ability to extend the schema with arbitrary data
  • discussion about running the ID system as its own server, both for safety and ease of hosting

email - not much has happened

IRC - not much has happened. Feel free to point me at a box and I can set up ZNC on it. I'm not sure about Dockerising it or anything, so help there would be appreciated.

hosting - we currently have a £10 Hope on bytemark BigV

DNS server hosting - looking for comments from jkg

static hosting needs integrating with the ID setup found this site for potential hints for gh-pages functionality


Hackday on dockerising stuff

Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct seems fine, pick a day in the quiet week of the month

AGM in Oct


Hosting company docs in Caolans gitlab, have board user group set up for more confidential docs.

Hard copies of docs (if existing) reside at registered company address.

Responsibilities of the board - Drinking beer/other responsibilities/bare minimum (slopy shoulders).


Banking suggestions so far:

Updates on

  • Identity Services
  • email
  • IRC bouncer
  • static hosting
  • any other ongoing tasks

(Annual) General Meeting Timetable

  • meetings in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct
  • Oct meeting as the AGM? (n.b. the accounts need to be viewed at the AGM, would Feb be better for this)

Where to host company documents

Responsibilities of the board

Arrange next meeting and who's chairing it