General Meeting 1.1, Feb 2015

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Where: EW

When: Thursday 5th February 2015

Chair: gjm

source document: [1]


  • caolan
  • gjm
  • mbooth is awesome
  • ejs


  • Lewis (proxy vote given to mbooth)
  • James(proxy vote given to ejs)
  • Ian

No Apologies

  • Hamish
  • Richard


Updates on


  • We have a bank account!
  • We'll just require a standing order set up for membership
    • Mat to email people privately for standing order mandates
    • Mat to pay in the £30 previously recieved


  • Gary's bytemark account is already in the Dark Peak name
  • Gary to find out from BM how we can pay (DD or SO preferred)
    • This should be changed for Dark Peak's account number
    • Caolan to move his machine to Gary's Dark Peak account

Hack Day (for anyone that wasn't there)

  • Planning to make use of Gary's next "Hack Sheffield" event to use as the next Dark Peak hack day (bring kool aid)
    • For the greater good

gitlab + static hosting

  • Intending to use gitolite for git hosting instead of gitlab as it provides more flexibility in access control and is less of a memory hog
  • probably with cgit UI

Identity Services

  • we now have an identity server at providing LDAP auth and two-factor (see wiki) - currently being used by the wiki and RSS reader
  • Mat inquire about pass plus token options in FreeIPA (does it make sense to check both password and otp boxes?)
  • Mat to let people grant set their own log in options (just need to figure out the right privilege and auto-grant it on user-creation)


  • Idea for an minimum viable product - set up SMTP server to deliver mail from - this would let us send email from from gmail etc for now and setup email forwarding/aliases for the replies
  • would give us experience in delivering mail without it going into spam
  • works this way so it may be worth one of us getting in touch with apache infra and reading their docs, etc
  • don't need to handle mailboxes / imap straight-away
  • Question: jkg - do you still have enough time available with new job?
  • we should aim to start sending email messages between the group using this system as a test

IRC bouncer

  • Lewis sez: Still need to get round to dockerising and adding LDAP to ZNC. Would be a good thing to do at a hack day.

any other ongoing tasks

  • we have some basic designs for a landing-page to live at - and a 'badge' design (along the lines of the "I started the Open Rights Group" badges) + a square icon for the wiki
  • the designs talked about here would make great stickers! square, simple, low cost, give them out at meetups, EW and Union St tables for stuff -- people fucking love stickers

Arrange next meeting and who's chairing it

Next meeting 23rd April 2015 - chair to be decided on the day


Turning off mandatory two-factor auth in FreeIPA

  • this is because it was an issue with the RSS Readers android client - caolan
  • Mat has done this -- there are questions! See identity notes above.