General Meeting 1.2 April 2015

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Where: Rutland Arms

When: Thursday 23th April 2015

Chair: Chris

Original doc:


  • Gary
  • Ed
  • Caolan
  • Mat
  • Chris
  • Lawrence *


  • Lewis
  • etc

No Apologies


Items from previous meeting


  • standing order mandates set up by a number of members - some still outstanding
  • -- potential new member
  • mat paid in the outstanding £30 from the last meeting
  • Mat to investigate bank cards and payment methods


  • Gary still to talk to BM and move account
  • Gary to invoice for ongoing costs incurred from hosting
  • Caolan has moved a host to the main darkpeak account

Hack Day

  • worked on git hosting - progress made on day - completed after?

Identity Services

  • Mat fixed two factor auth settings to allow for either one or two factor settings or both
  • Remains to fix it so two factor auth as default for new accounts


  • Gary investigating how apache do their email forwarding shizz -- ongoing

IRC bouncer

  • No update from lewis - attendees agree that it looks like a service that everyone would use


  • Chris is volunteering for sticker making duties - to ask Caolan for the designs - Chris to invoice for costs.

Landing page

  • Caolan has provided this.

Any Other Business

Dynamic DNS:

  • Chris demands dynamic dns - to be added to the wiki


  • Caolan wants SSL cert - estimates as £70 per year
  • Question over where to get this - Namecheap has been used by others and though not necessarily for SSL

Chris to move gitpub page

  • Caolan has basic calDAV and cardDAV though this lacks an interface

Next meeting currently scheduled for 22nd June - Chair to be determined on day - looks like this will be the normal mode.


Updates on

  • Servers
  • Hack Days since last meeting
  • gitolite + static hosting
  • Identity Services
    • is optional 2 factor working yet
  • email
    • who ended up doing this
    • SMTP?
    • is anyone using it
  • IRC bouncer
  • Landing page
  • STICKERS!!!!
  • any other ongoing tasks

Arrange next meeting and who's chairing it