General Meeting 1.3 June 2015

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Where: TBD

When: 02 Jul 2015

Chair: gjm

Original document : [1]


  • gjm
  • ejs
  • graphiclunarkid
  • lewiscowper


No Apologies:

  • mbooth


Items from previous meeting


  • mbooth to update at next meeting:
  • any outstanding standing orders?
  • Mat to investigate bank cards and payment methods


  • Gary to make progress on these items:
    • Gary still to talk to BM and move account
    • Gary to invoice for ongoing costs incurred from hosting

Identity Services

  • mbooth to update at next meeting:
  • Remains to fix it so two factor auth as default for new accounts


  • Gary investigating how apache do their email forwarding shizz -- still ongoing. Infrastructure setup looks a bit obscure but there are specific people who gjm might be able to ask.

IRC bouncer

  • lewiscowper reported his experience of trying to dockerise znc suggesting that attempting to share an authed state was tough - no confirmation that it would be impossible though


  • graphiclunarkid thanks caolan for sending stickers in the post
  • clearcarbon and graphiclunarkid are reported to be sporting the stickers on their laptops

Dynamic DNS:

  • Chris demands dynamic dns - ejs added this to the wiki


  • gjm to ask mbooth and caolan if there was any progress

Chris to move gitpub page

  • chris to update at next meeting

Caolan has basic calDAV and cardDAV though this lacks an interface

  • caolan to update at next meeting

did anyone email about joining

  • chair assumes that Chris would be the most appropriate person to send such an email! Update for next meeting.

Any other ongoing activity

Next meeting currently scheduled for 26th Aug - Chair to be determined on day

Any Other Business

graphiclunarkid asks if there has been any talk of a SIP server for the group

  • He runs one for himself - which is overkill
  • May be just as easy to run one for the group on our infrastructure
  • But would need to:
    • Containerise
    • Integrate with OAUTH
  • He will investigate when time allows...

gjm demands more hack sessions as a means to increase productivity on adding services

  • this met with approval of the attendees
  • gjm to set up a doodle poll to avoid the need to make an immediate decision about the timing of such sessions