General Meeting 1.4 August 2015

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Where: IRC

When: Wednesday 26th August 2015

Chair: ejs

Original Document: [1]


  • caolanm
  • ejs
  • mbooth


No Apologies:



Items from previous meeting


  • any outstanding standing orders?
    • jkg and ian are still not paid up members. ejs to chase up.
  • Mat to investigate bank cards and payment methods
    • we have a (so far unused) bank card


  • Gary to talk to BM and move account
  • Gary to invoice for ongoing costs incurred from hosting
    • allagary to chase himself up on this as its his money

Identity Services

  • Remains to fix it so two factor auth as default for new accounts
    • given problems with 3rd party apps the default is now to not have two factor (though can still be enabled)
    • mbooth to check if per-app auth is possible or on the roadmap for freeIPA


  • Gary investigating how apache do their email forwarding shizz -- still ongoing. Infrastructure setup looks a bit obscure but there are specific people who gjm might be able to ask.

IRC bouncer

  • has been set up and is in use by at least ejs, caolanm, mbooth, gjm and graphiclunarkid
  • stable since haproxy removed from setup


  • wildcard cert from namecheap, owned by caolanm
  • set up DarkPeak account on namecheap and buy the cert of caolanm (mbooth)

Caolan has basic calDAV and cardDAV though this lacks an interface

  • have basic web interface for calendar and contacts and guides for use in some clients.
  • Better web interface for the DAV server still needed (probably task for hack day)

Chris to move gitpub page did anyone (Chris) email about joining

  • ejs to check with Chris about the above at git pub

SIP server (graphiclunarkid)

hack sessions (gjm)

  • last one went well, we should do more
  • caolanm to send out doodle poll and the volunteer allagary for the rest
  • caolanm to also email about arranging more regular hack days/ a dark peak user group

New Items

Where to host the AGM in Oct? IRC?

  • meatspace with something for emigrants
  • email list about what to do for AGM (caolanm)

Things needed for AGM?

Any Other Business