General Meeting 2.1 Feb 2016

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Where: Electric works

When: Saturday 13th February @ 4PM

Original Doc



caolanm, mbooth, ejs, graphiclunarkid

Apologies: Richard (attended via irc?)

No Apologies:


Updates on actions from the AGM

  • Inform HMRC that the company is active (allegary) - ?
  • Set reminder for certificate renewal time to see if we can use letsencrypt instead (caolanm) - done
  • Send out meeting dates to mailing list (icmurray or allegary to make them co-incide with hack-days) - done

Decide what mailing lists we need. Proposal:

  • darkpeak-board (only board members subscribed, closed archives, used for board communications only);
  • darkpeak-announce (all members must be subscribed, no archives, only board members can post, used for important announcements only);
  • darkpeak-discuss (open archives, anyone can join, used for tech and non-tech discussions (we're not big enough to separate these out into two different lists))

Accepted with one change, darkpeak-announce as an archived list

Check the money pile Review standing orders (none from Cat?)

Any Other Business: - email list about possibly moving hosting to