General meeting 0.3 Oct 2014

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Where: Electric Works (then pub)

When: Wednesday, 1st October 2014 at 7:30pm (unofficial start at 6:30pm to discuss architecture)

Original Doc:

The purpose of this meeting is to make the relevant preparations for our meeting with SCDG on 8th October, so we are ready to start the registration process.


BONUS: Demo and introduction to the hosting architecture so far (pre-7:30pm start time)

  • Vagrant
  • Ansible
  • Dockerfiles -- lightweight linux containers for individual services
  • Example Node.js service

Brief overview of governance structures (official start @ 7:30pm)

Choosing an appropriate structure

Cash flow forecast

Founding members + how to cover start-up costs

Electing Directors (can be as many as we like, but should probably fill the following roles)


Prepare for next week when we form the coop

Brief discussion of principles at [1]

Technical discussion on merits of ansible & docker stack

Choosing appropriate structure

Beginning to discuss governance based on [2]

  • noted that we probably want to restrict membership thus "Multi-stakeholder Co-operative" option may not be appropriate (though could be made to work)
  • Consortia may be a closer model to what we are suggesting - designed for services for the membership
  • Consortia with mutual status has extra restrictions - ties our hands but money held at the end of the year is not taxed (though we probably don't expect to hold a large excess anyway)
    • Maybe a problem for external user groups etc using our resources or services for community events
  • Community Interest company also very restrictive, specifically intended to encourage community outreach which may be inconsistent with our current stated aims

unanimous vote for Consortia without mutual trading status +7

Cash flow forecast

£180 initial outlay to register as an official co-op

Assuming 6 people paying £10pcm -- probably less

Founding members + how to cover start-up costs

a recommendation to prepay first 5 months to cover the initial cost

second option to loan to the group and return money as membership collected

Request for information about what services are expected first:

Who wants to join?

  • jkg + happy to try to add email service
  • gjm
  • ejs
  • icmurray
  • mbooth -- znc bouncer docker container (lewis offering to help set that up)
  • graphiclunarkid - note not to be on the board
  • caolanm (static hosting)
  • lewiscowper (working on ZNC therefore might as well join)
  • hamish

Who wants to be a director? - all turning up next wednesday

  • Secretary - ed
    • regulatory returns
    • register of members
    • etc
  • Treasurer - mbooth
    • monies
  • Chairperson (optional) -- rotating
    • meetings
  • Other officers
    • caolan
    • lewis
    • gjm


caolan: re-do spreadsheet re: new numbers